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154 Hester Street

Location: New York, New York

Year: 2015 - Present

This is a project for a new 9th floor of an existing church in Chinatown, NY. The all-glass structure is designed to maximize the amount of natural light and to celebrate the amazing views at the top of the building. Stained glass is a material that is valued for its beauty and craft by all people both within the church and outside of it, which is why I chose to use stained glass as half of the glass facade. The stained glass will tell the story of the church’s history as one of the first and biggest churches in the Chinatown. The church will be able to appeal to the larger community not only because the beauty and colors of the stained glass are visible from nearly everywhere, but also because the clear glass panels allow all who are outside to see people caring for and loving each other inside the church.

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