Proposals for 70 Mulberry Street

Since the 5-alarm fire at 70 Mulberry Street, there has been much discussion about about the future of 70 Mulberry and what should become of the building and site.  While opinions vary from full restoration to total demolition, it's clear that the building and site hold an important place in Chinatown's history.

There is an opportunity at this site to construct (or reconstruct) something special for Chinatown, a building that not only honors the special place that 70 Mulberry holds in our memory but also provides the spaces necessary for a thriving Chinatown in 2020 and beyond.

Chinatown was suffering before the Coronavirus pandemic and the anti-Asian racism that it revealed.  70 Mulberry is an opportunity to build a better future for Chinatown and everyone who shares it.

The images in the slideshow below are meant purely for discussion, to visually illustrate several possibilities for the future of 70 Mulberry.